Weddings rings are special. They are a mark of your commitment to your partner. Therefore, most people tend to choose a wedding ring that has some significance to them. When it comes to the design of the ring, there are several designs in the market that you can choose from. Additionally, the jewellery industry is a creative one and keeps coming up with several new designs in order to cater to the needs of their customers. However, a customized ring has a charm of its own.

A customized ring is a ring which is designed as per your tastes and preferences. Your choices are unique to you and this is the reason why the ring that you design along with a professional jeweller will be unique. One of the best ways to add meaning to your ring is to opt for bespoke engagement rings or a bespoke wedding ring. Making a customized ring requires time effort but the results are not just special but phenomenal. There are several ways in which you can customize your ring. Listed below are a few cool ways in which you can customize your ring.

Engrave it

One of the easiest ways to customize your ring is to engrave the metal band of the ring with something special. For example, you can engrave your spouse’s name or your wedding date on the inner part of the ring band. This not only makes the ring special but also makes it something that is meant just for you. It also gives meaning to the ring and helps the wearer to form a special bond with it and cherish their relationship with the person they are committed to.

Remake something old                           

Many of us have family jewellery heirlooms that are usually passed on from one generation to another. A great way to reuse these family heirlooms is to use their materials and create something new which is customized and unique. The metal of the jewellery can be melted to create a ring band of your choice and the stones can be embedded in a ring setting of your choice. Additionally, you can choose to add more stones according to your preference. In this way, the new ring that will be created will hold a lot of meaning for you since it is a part of your family heirloom and also have a modern design that appeals to you.

Coloured Gemstones There is a plethora of gemstones that are available to us. Some are rare while some are more commonly available. Diamonds, be it lab grown diamonds UK or the ones occurring naturally, were the most common gemstones used in rings. But people today want some dash of colour in their rings and therefore are opting for coloured gemstones as an alternative to diamonds. There can be several permutations and combinations if you choose to incorporate different gemstones in your ring. Therefore, chances are the combination of stones that you choose for your ring is one of a kind.