Having a garden is truly a blessing. Seeing colorful flowers and sitting between plants releases your past hectic week’s tensions. The color of nature in plants gives ease and comfort to the mind also. Talking about gardens and colors, how can we forget colorful butterflies? Have butterflies put gems in your colorful garden. We all love to see butterflies sitting on plants spreading colors. So why not choose plants that attract butterflies on your small plants? Mentioned are 5 small plants that grow flowers containing plenty of nectar that draw the attention of butterflies in your garden: You can look for discounts on plants to decor your garden with Planting Tree coupon code.

Butterfly Blush (Buddleja):

From July to September, this is the plant that attracts the most butterflies. The butterfly bash attracts 15 different butterflies and in many gardens, the process starts within 4 hours. These small plants grow about 30 cm every spring, you just need to cut them with kitchen scissors. The Butterfly Blash (Buddleja) contains plenty of nectar to fill your garden with colorful butterflies. This small plant attracts moths and butterflies, and the color of its flower spreads beauty in the garden.

Coneflower (Echinacea):

These are also called sun lovers with stems upright topped with daisies. These are huge daisies with flowers up to 12 cm. The central cone looks honey-colored. The honey-colored topped petals are the place where butterflies feed. They are also known for their root hardness which withstands the cold and once established they grow back each year. Their root hardness and nectar-full daisies’ petals make them attract butterflies. This small plant is one of the best for your garden to attract butterflies.

Ice Plant (Sedum):

These are also known as small plants with a height of 60 cm tall and easy to grow. These are the tops for attracting butterflies. They only require plenty of sunlight. So there is a room in every garden for them. Their round, colorful leaves are succulent and juicy, which makes butterflies the best choice to sit on them.  

Michaelmas Daisy (Aster):

These small plants have flowers in every color except vivid scarlet. This is another plant like a daisy, but tough enough to survive any disease they get. Asters tend to flower late in the season, so they are great for butterflies that hibernate in winter. These small plants help butterflies to stock up on energy in winter. Asters are great small plants for your garden that attract butterflies.

Verbena Bonariensis:

It is really easy to grow this small plant, you just need to buy a packet of seeds and sow it in the garden center. In summer, Verbena produces stems of purple flowers. It has great filler in the border, and butterflies sup nectar from the petals. The roots are hardy and a great self-seeder too, so once you’ve got it, it stays there. Verbena is the easiest way to attract butterflies.  
The abovementioned five small plants are among the best choices to attract butterflies to your garden. Garden Goods Direct is the best source for having small plants of as many categories as you like. Moreover, you can buy them using Garden Goods Direct coupon.

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