Dubai is the most populous city in UAE. As a small fishing village, it was founded in 1833 but now it is known as a Cosmopolitan City with the hallmarks of tourism, hospitality, exclusive restaurants, stunning buildings and malls, and gorgeous beaches.

 In the most creative and substantial way desert safari in Dubai is famous to provide the most memorable experience. If you are planning to explore the desert with the blend of vibration and relaxation, you will experience the thrills never off the list of tourist adventures. But before this, you must know some important things.

When to Visit?

Months marching from November to March are the perfect months to go for Desert Safari in Dubai. But in the peak summer, your journey would not be comfortable. A huge multitude of people from all over the world is viewed in the holiday season. So off-season is preferable to have a smooth and uncrowded excursion. I must say, whatever the time, your journey will be on the next level of memories. So, it should be on your to-do-list.

How To Book The Desert Safari?

To have fun at its height, a lot of companies are there to offer accessible deals/packages. Before your tour date, go for Google and search a quick and easy purchase process with full-refund available up to 24 hours. Online booking is convenient for time-saving. E-book tickets refrain from long-lines-standing. You must check the reviews of the customers and always go for the most trust-worthy companies. An exclusive range of desert safari in Dubai is offered by the companies with the package of pick & drop in 4WD wheels, sand sports, quad bike, and much more. Your decision is more important that with which company you have selected what sort of Safari?

What To Wear?

For the convenient itinerary, always wear adjustable and breathable outfits. Hence, as the sandy terrain is blazing in the afternoon, so light clothes are advised. But the early mornings and nights are cold, so carry light warm clothes like jackets and sweaters.

Thrills You Experience In Desert Safari

The excursion starts from your door step in 4×4 wheels Jeep with trained drivers/guides. The vehicles wend through the sandy stretches. Yes! the thrill begins here. Reaching in the midst of the desert, the driver starts dune bashing hilariously. The fun in the sand from Quad bike to camping and then to the sunset with night prevailing allows you to have boisterously expressions of tremor and joy on the tourist’s face. This is all the hair-raising experience. But no need to worry. The drivers are trained for all this. Make sure your seat belts are fastened, cars are insured and well equipped with all necessities of first aid and cage-rollers. Photography is must-to-do in the vast topography of the terrain.  So must have sand proof cameras with you.

 NOTE: Avoid keeping precious things in the desert with you like jewellery.

What does the Desert Safari Includes?

Desert Safari has encompassed a list of hysterical activities.

Turbulent Quad bike ride, heart-pumping sand surfing, exciting parachute flying, congenial camel ride, traditional Arabic culture, Royal Falcon flying, serene Arabian Nights with bone fire dinner, belly dance, Tanora show, hands painting, Hookah smoking, stargazing, and the next vigorous daylight.

Things You Must Keep In Your Bag:

Heavy luggage might be hazardous in the accomplishment of your Joy. Of course, you are here to have the benefit of the pleasant time. So, try to have light bag packs with hats, sunglasses, water bottle, and sunblock. Must keep yourself hydrated to avoid any agitation.

With Whom To Book Your Safari?

Once you have come through all the things mentioned above, you go for the selection of——-with whom to book and what type of safari to select? There is a large variety of desert safaris with desert operators. It only depends upon your choice whether you choose the Friendly Budget Safari or Luxurious Safari. You will come to know Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, Lehbab Red Dunes, Adventurous Desert Safari, Best Overnight Desert Safari with many reputed operators. But regarding your budget and desire to get the whole stuff under one roof the name——DESERT ADVENTURE GROUP stands tall.

All in all, full time entertainment hours are knocking at your door step. So don’t linger, pack your bag, and have a jump-start to your itinerary, after knowing everything about your landing place.