Buying the right TV is essential for the best entertainment experience. The right TV is the answer for family time, fun movie nights, or the ultimate PS5 gaming experience. However, due to the plethora of options available on the market, it can become confusing.

Aside from the various elements to consider before purchasing a TV, you must also consider the plethora of unique features that each model offers. Here’s a TV buying guide to help you navigate the otherwise tedious process of selecting the best TV.


The display is the most important feature to consider. Display is an important aspect not only for televisions but also for any gadget, particularly mobile phones, tablets, and so on. There are numerous types of television displays. The LCD is the most well-known, but with rapid technological advancements, there are a number of others that have carved out their own niche in the television market. OLED, QLED, and LED Maintenance and picture quality are two factors to consider when selecting a display.

Screen Dimensions

Before deciding on a screen size, consider the need or the main purpose you want to achieve. The size varies depending on your needs. You must also consider the space or area where you intend to install it in order to purchase the size that best meets your needs. The available sizes range from 32 to 65 inches. One of the most popular sizes is 43 inches. The best 43-inch TVs include the Samsung Ultra HD LED, LG LM63, and others.

Display Resolution

The number of pixels that comprise an image or images on the screen is referred to as the resolution. The more pixels there are, the higher the screen resolution and image clarity. There are five major TV screen resolutions: HD, FHD, 4K, and 8K, with 4K and HDR being the most popular.

Smart Television

Smart TVs have gradually gained popularity and favour in the market. This is due to their superior features and characteristics. The primary feature of a smart TV is that it can be connected to the internet and access a variety of other streaming platforms such as Hotstar, Netflix, and Youtube. Furthermore, each model comes with a unique set of features that cannot be found in a traditional TV. While each has its own set of advantages, the possibilities for entertainment with a smart TV are virtually limitless.

Smart TVs, on the other hand, have a slightly higher price tag. However, the value for money for this type of TV is excellent. However, with the option of TV on EMI without a credit card, you can easily purchase the smart TV of your choice without worrying about your budget.


Sound is essential for almost any electronic device, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and so on. Sound is an important consideration even for televisions. Smart TVs have progressed to the point where they can provide an immersive and all-around experience. Dolby setup, AI audio, and high-quality speakers are just a few of the many components that make up a good sound system in a TV.


The final consideration in the TV buying guide is connectivity. Connectivity is the most important factor in catering to the most recent features. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ports are just a few of the connectivity options. The Wi-Fi connectivity option makes it simple to stream on online platforms.

That brings us to the end of the story! Aside from these factors, budget is an important consideration. With ZestMoney’s TV on EMI without credit card option, you can get the best TV with the best features without breaking the bank.