What Is OCI Architect Associate 1Z0-1072-22 Exam?

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate 2022 exam is designed for candidates who have a strong background in designing infrastructure utilising Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services.This certification verifies a thorough understanding of subjects like starting exposed metal and virtual compute instances, creating an OCI load balancer, designing best practices for HA and security, using advanced database features (like Data Guard, BYOL, data encryption, RAC, and EXADATA), and spinning infrastructure using OCI services.

1Z0-1072-22 Exam prerequisite:

This certification has no prerequisites, so you can take the exam right away. Modern OCI training and practical experience are advised.

  • 1Z0-1072-22 Exam Specifications:
  • Questions formats: Multiple Choice
  • Time Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Number of Questions in the exam: 55
  • Passing Score: 65%
  • Validation: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 has been used to verify this exam.
  • Exam Price: $245

Which Subjects Should You Study for OCI Architect Associate 2022?

You must be familiar with topics like cloud computing concepts (HA, DR, security), regions, availability domains, OCI terminology and services, networking, databases, autonomous databases, load balancing, FAST CONNECT, VPN, compartments, identity and access management, and tagging if you intend to take the exam. You are therefore prepared for the exam once you have finished studying these topics and completing the Hands-on Cloud.

1.    Compute
2.    Manage and implement virtual cloud networks
3.    Manage and implement VCN connectivity
4.    Setup traffic management and DNS
5.    Describe load balancing
6.    Implement and control Block Storage
7.    Manage and configure Object Storage.
8.    Manage and implement file storage
9.    Databases
10.    Monitoring and Management
11.    Identification and Access Control
12.    Security

Preparation for 1Z0-1072-22 Exam:

Theoretical preparation:

Books are always helpful because they offer the essential knowledge needed to pass the 1Z0-1072-22 exam. You will benefit greatly from reading them carefully and using all of the examples and explanations because books match the crucial 1Z0-1072-22 exam objectives. However, simply reading books won’t be enough to help you pass this exam. For the 1Z0-1072-22 exam, there are a huge number of online resources available, including practice tests, videos, and exam study materials.

Online Forums:

You have one more tool in your hands to improve your preparation after reading the books. You can join a community and forum online where you can obtain all the information you need about the 1Z0-1072-22 exam as well as get all your questions addressed. There are various platforms you can join, and doing so will be quite beneficial to you.

Online Training:

Candidates interested in online training can choose from a variety of forms, including remote learning. The exam is held at the conclusion of the program, according to the oracle training provider. Online training is available on the official oracle website.

Practice Test Preparation:

The 1Z0-1072-22 practice test is the most effective method of preparation. To pass the exam, you must have practical experience because merely academic knowledge is insufficient. Before taking an exam, you should get experience in a live test setting. By taking a practice test, you can get a sense of the test’s actual setting, level of difficulty, and question format.
Free practice exam demo questions are available from Pass4Future


Of course, The 1Z0-1072-22 Exam is a highly specialized and challenging exam. You should be at least partly familiar with all exam topics. If you carefully follow the study guidelines, you should have no trouble passing this exam on your first try.
It’s one thing to have the right skills; quite another to have the right attitude. However, having an oracle certification could be quite advantageous for your employment in the IIT industry. It’s not very difficult to pass the 1Z0-1072-22 exam if you have a good exam preparation strategy. Pay attention in class and enjoy learning!