Zodiac signs can assist in knowing the health conditions related to the ruling planets. With medical astrology chart, you can identify which body part requires special care.

Medical science may not agree, but according to astrology, zodiac signs have an influence on one’s well-being. A lot of astrologers have related the picture of the Vitruvian man with the zodiac cycle to depict which sign rules certain body parts. As per a reputed astrologer, a person’s zodiac sign can aid in identifying various areas where they may face a health issue. For more information about the same, you can consult a genuine astrologer in the city.


This zodiac sign is connected to our face, brain, and head. It is likely to become hot-headed, due to which there can be mental stress that can cause migraines, strokes, etc. This sign can even bring hair fall issues due to the stress. The Aries natives are too susceptible to broken bones and injuries.


Gemini has connections with shoulders, hands, arms, and lungs. Overall, the heart chakra. Therefore, this sign can bring about respiratory problems and fever due to immunity challenges, and the nervous system of the natives is impacted, too, resulting in anxiety.


This zodiac sign is connected to our spine, blood, back, and heart. The natives of this sign generally have blood pressure problems and can even suffer from heart ailments. For the natives, it will be good if they keep a check on their fire element because that can lead to heart tremors challenges. These individuals are also likely to have diabetes later in life.


This sign has connections with our rectum, bladder, testes, ovaries, and genitals. In short, with the root chakra and sacral chakra. Therefore, a person who is a native of Scorpio can be susceptible to STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) if he/she is not cautious. Also, problems such as UTI, PCOs, and bladder infection can be found in Scorpio women.


Cancer is connected with the solar plexus chakra and heart chakra, which include the stomach, chest, and breast. This zodiac sign is very emotional and can be more susceptible to depression. They can either eat nothing or too much while they are depressed. This can result in an unevenness in their solar plexus chakra. Cancerians might suffer from calcium deficiency, as well. Also, they are vulnerable to cough, anemia, and cataract.


This sign is connected with the throat, neck, and ears. In short, the throat chakra. The throat chakra is liable for thyroid gland-related problems. Thus, a Taurus native may go through the following challenges: earaches, colds, and sore throats. Since it has a connection with the thyroid gland, it can also cause sudden weight loss or gain. The best cure for the Taurians can be preventive treatment and meditation.


Libra has a connection with our skin, kidneys, and adrenal glands. The natives can experience sensitive skin, and it is vital for them to keep their skin moisturized and hydrated. Moreover, the Librans must maintain a healthy diet since they can undergo stomach problems too, not just due to their diet but due to their indefiniteness.


This zodiac sign is connected to our vision, thighs, sciatic nerves, and hips. In short, sacral chakra and third eye. The natives can suffer from eye-related problems. Thus, it is essential for them to get proper treatment for their problem since impaired vision can make them susceptible to accidents.


The zodiac that is connected with our ankles, lower legs, and blood circulation is Aquarius. The natives can undergo problems, such as varicose veins. So, they must have a good leg massage or get a foot acupuncture massage for some relief. Also, they have an obsession with tea and coffee.


This zodiac is connected with teeth, joints, bones, knees, and skin. A Capricorn native may suffer from fractures. Thus, they need to be very cautious if they play any sport or perform any physical exercise.


The planet ruling Virgo is Mercury. It is connected with the abdomen and intestines. The natives of Virgo can sometimes suffer from problems related to the digestive system. There can be possibilities of having problems related to bowls, too. Therefore, a Virgo needs to maintain a balanced diet.


According to a renowned astrologer, this sign is connected with the thalamus, feet, and nervous system. Overall, the third eye, solar plexus chakra, and root chakra. A Pisces may undergo problems due to anxiety. Thus, it is vital for them to perform breathing exercises since that would aid in improving their immunity, too. The natives are also expected to suffer from bunions, athlete’s foot, and corns.


The health conditions associated with different zodiac signs have a great connection with celestial bodies that command various zodiacs. Also, undeniably, celestial bodies and ailments have a long past. We can learn about our medical astrology chart from the natal chart with Kundli health predictions.