Our wardrobes are an essential part of our bedrooms, and they usually require as much space as our beds. We typically imagine walk-in wardrobes or custom-fitted wardrobes with multiple shelves when we think of a functional wardrobe. If you have a large bedroom, this doesn’t pose too much of an issue. Without fire door, every room in the house may become a very big problem when the fire spread.

But if you have a smaller one, finding wardrobes large enough to keep everything you own can be a bit challenging. A sliding-door wardrobe is a perfect solution for small bedrooms! Sliding door wardrobes offer more storage than walk-in wardrobes, giving you additional floor space while maintaining your bedroom’s modern d├ęcor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobe Advantages

In spite of hinged doors’ advantages, sliding wardrobe and sliding barn door are becoming increasingly popular with carpenters because of their multiple advantages.


The advantage of sliding wardrobes is that they don’t require hinged doors, which allows you to take advantage of your existing floor space more efficiently. In addition, as sliding glass door hardware is installed into walls, you are effectively expanding your storage space without compromising your space.

Enhancing Appearance

As well as saving space, many sliding wardrobes and sliding barn doors incorporate mirrors, which enhance the appearance of space with light. So not only are you getting more floor space, but lighting also emphasizes this.

Varied Styles

Modern sliding door wardrobes offer a timeless style that is aesthetically pleasing, particularly compared with traditional storage options. You can customize the colors and finishes of each wardrobe to suit your room with their fittings.

Optimum Storage

The bedroom is usually one of the most cluttered rooms since it’s where you start and end your day, and maybe take a nap in between. KN Crowder sliding wardrobes offer convenient storage. They offer easy access and sleek operation and can be custom-made with internal storage to meet your specific requirements.


As sliding door wardrobes are incredibly stylish and functional, you can use them in a variety of areas other than your home. For example, you can use them in your work area to store office supplies. Sliding wardrobe doors offer the same convenience as hinged wardrobe doors without the need to shut/open multiple doors. Mirrored sliding wardrobes or sliding barn doors can also be used for exercising or dancing practice sessions.

Sliding Door Wardrobe Disadvantages

Although it offers a number of advantages, there are a few glitches to keep in mind, such as:

  • Blocked Visibility – The primary disadvantage of sliding wardrobe doors is that only one side is visible at a time, so you may not be able to see their entire contents. However, this is rarely a problem given how easily they slide.
  • Handling with Care – A sliding wardrobe needs to be handled gently since rough handling can compromise the panels and doors’ alignment.
  • Regular Maintenance – Regular maintenance for sliding wardrobes with mirrors involves keeping the tracks clean and lubricating the rollers periodically.
  • Expensive Option – For long-term durability, it is important to ensure good craftsmanship and high-quality hardware. It may cost slightly more than traditional wardrobes.

Maintaining Your Sliding Wardrobes

The cost of buying and installing furniture in the house is not something anyone wants to incur regularly. It is a long-term expense to install a good quality wardrobe, but just buying the best one is not enough. To make sure your sliding glass door hardware lasts as long as possible, you should maintain it in a certain way. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do not overstuff the wardrobes. This can cause the fabric to stick between the sliding panels, preventing them from moving.
  • Run your vacuum attachment gently up and down your tracks every few months to remove debris or dust from the bottom track.
  • Cleaning a sliding wardrobe mirror with vinegar and water in the same proportion will prevent the mirror from getting dirty. Use a microfiber cloth to gently clean the mirror.
  • It is much easier to clean wooden doors than mirrors. Just wipe them regularly with a damp cloth to remove finger marks or dust.

While these require little attention on your part, they are sure to help you keep your sliding door wardrobes in good condition.

Wrapping It Up

In recent years, sliding door wardrobes have become an increasingly popular feature in homes, not just in bedrooms. A variety of sizes are available, and these wardrobes can be installed inside the walls to create a more spacious feel. As well as being easy to store clothes and other important items, the sliding mechanism also makes it possible to replace the sliding door if it becomes damaged. For more information on modern and chic sliding door wardrobes visit KN Crowder website: www.kncrowder.com