Reading novels is a great source of knowledge and ideas. However, sometimes reading a novel becomes too boring if there are no elements of excitement in it. Thrillers have broken this barrier of monotony. Romances like these can open up new avenues you might not have explored—sex, sex, and more sex! If this sounds exciting, then you should definitely read erotic stories. Do not confuse erotica with pornography. These novels only talk about explicit sex, or elaborate on it as a normal part of a relationship that the author needs to touch upon to complete the story. Here, unlike pornography, where sex is presented for its own sake, the sex is well grounded.

When reading or watching a movie, pay attention to sexy words used in romantic or erotic scenes. Make a list of catchy phrases you can use and practice saying them out loud and catchy when you’re alone. Learn how words are pronounced and how they make you feel.

Find interesting literature that includes descriptive words for different body parts and sexual activities. Include material that your loved one will read. Read short, steamy passages out loud and try different ways to make them engaging as you speak.

Write a short fantasy or thriller that you and your friend will share. Weave words and phrases that you find fascinating (from above). Read the story aloud using different sounds and see which versions you find most interesting.

Also understand that sexual arousal is not a new phenomenon or a social taboo. It has existed for centuries and even thousands of years in writing, art and sculpture. Sexuality is something that everyone celebrates and enjoys the most at one point or another. Some may want to see it in the movies; Some people prefer to read documentaries while others like thrillers. It is not wrong to make time for such novels unless you are addicted to them.

The strength of these novels is the way sex is presented. If you pick up a good novel, you won’t even know when I went into the details of sex! It fits so well with the rest of the plot that you can’t help but appreciate the approach. It also manages to stimulate you sexually without any effort. You will also learn a lot about how to transfer electricity to your partner; You will find that seduction is not that difficult.

So are there any downsides to reading thrillers? Yes, there are some downsides to reading this. Having such an affair can make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you live at home with your family. Imagine your mom or sister holding him and asking you weird questions and warning you about unprotected sex! Moreover, addiction to such novels can actually be unhealthy if it becomes extreme. If you’re reading erotic novels all the time, it can be hard for you to focus on the real stuff. So go for an interesting novel that you think will excite you and your partner. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to search through thousands of catalogs to find a good sex novel and sex stories. You can type a novel into Google (or your favorite search engine) and you’ll see search results that match your criteria. You can purchase a hard copy for home delivery, an electronic copy for download, or have it delivered to your inbox.