Do you want an atmosphere for your next event? Then, the dummy casino is the ideal solution to brighten your evening with games of chance that are as friendly as they are entertaining

What is a fake casino? 

The dummy casino allows you to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino directly at home or on your business premises. Thus, you have variable gaming tables and decor and lighting that will immerse participants in the unique atmosphere of a casino. Tokens, dummy tickets, clogs, cards, rakes, chic and elegant dress code… All the elements are there to spend an exceptional evening!  

For even more immersion, the gaming material is perfectly authentic, but the stakes are fake. Thus, there is no question of money during your casino evening: each participant receives a fictitious sum in chips, which he can use as he sees fit without fearing bankruptcy. So you can let yourself be carried away by the game’s demon in complete serenity. 

But what would a casino be without its croupiers? During your event, real professionals are at your disposal to shuffle and distribute the cards and animate the different games. So what guarantees you a moment of incomparable fun while finding the elegance of a real casino? 

Animated casino games for all your events 

The dummy casino is ideal for all types of private events, whether a birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah or retirement. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to entertain your guests

But the casino entertainment is also suitable for professional events, seminars, product launches, team building or end-of-year evenings. What could be better than a casino evening to offer a moment of conviviality to your collaborators and your customers and to improve team cohesion or your brand image?     

The different types of animated casino games

There is a wide variety of animated casino games, starting with roulette, the most traditional, which consists of guessing which number and on which color the ball will land.  

Poker, very popular, exists in two main variants: 

  • Texas hold’em, the objective of which is to make the best combination of cards possible to win other players’ bets. 
  • Stud consists of making a better combination of cards than the bank. 

Of course, a dummy casino cannot do without a Blackjack table, a famous card game in which players must get as close as possible to the number 21. The game of boules is a variant of the famous  French roulette. This event is also an opportunity to discover Chuck-a-luck, a dice game that is both simple and user-friendly. 

Evenia, an entertainment and game rental specialist for all types of events, provides you with all the dummy casino equipment necessary to play wild games of roulette, blackjack or poker. With our various animated casino games, you also benefit from a team of professional croupiers. Enough to organize an unforgettable evening without traveling.

You can start your online journey by signing up to your chosen site, where you can find almost all the classic online gambling games and much more. The registration process is simple at most online casinos. First, look for the registration section on the website. Typically, it’s in the top left corner of the page. After going to the registration page, you will be asked to fill in your details, which will need to be verified with any of your valid documents to corroborate your entered details. It can be your driver’s license, passport, registration, etc.