Aiding in the administration of justice, criminal lawyers play a critical role in our society. With proper research, case analysis, and studying court findings criminal lawyers defend an individual accused of committing a crime. They negotiate with the prosecutor for plea bargains. 

These lawyers are responsible to secure a promising deal for the defendant. Getting charges and punishment /sentence time reduction is a specialty of criminal lawyers. Charged with considerable offenses, these lawyers and law firms work for individuals, entities, and firms. 

They defend them against being charged with criminal activity and use the evidence to convince the prosecutor that the case is not strong enough to take it to trial. To gain access to some of the most trusted criminal lawyers available online, we bring you this list below. 

  1. GSP Law/ Gagan Pannu

Needing no introduction, this is Brampton’s most sought-after and experienced criminal law firm. Believing in getting fair trials for the accused and having a proven track record of successful case results, GSP Law serves as one of the best and trusted criminal lawyer in Brampton

Their client-focused solicitor and excellent team ensure to offer you the most experienced lawyer for legal assistance. Regardless of your place in the entire process either If it’s arrest and bail or resolution, their lawyers can increase your chances of a better outcome. 

GSP Law provides a swift consultation with affordable fees depending on the type of charges which enhances the client’s convenience. Their quick and easy consultation process provides the accused defense in the following areas. 

  •  Criminal harassment 
  • Assault charges 
  • Drug Charges 
  • Property Charges 
  • Robbery and Fraud
  1. Edgar Law

Another firm that specializes in defending the accused from going through charges for long-term consequences is Edgar Law. They offer free consultations and approachable representatives. 

With a lengthy and in-depth case study, their team ensures to work towards result-driven strategies. With years of experience, their team brings them effective negotiation techniques to resist and reduce sentence limits. They specialize in the following fields. 

  • Domestic charges 
  • Driving offenses 
  • Bail offenses 
  • Property hearings 
  1. Brian Ross Law 

One of the most acclaimed firms provides criminals with unbiased defense. Their careful strategies and case studies develop a team that believes in the rights and freedom of Brampton residents. They are well-versed and represent the accused in court with a well-prepared technique. They have expertise in the following fields. 

  • Drinking and Driving Offences
  • Domestic Assault 
  • Sexual Assault 
  • Drug Offences 
  • Theft and robbery. 
  1. Saini-Law

Providing the indicted with result-driven legal services Saini Law offers guidance in some of the toughest legal cases. Paying attention to minor details their team works as a unit to bring maximum positive outcomes. 

With a concentration on fair trial, they take time to explore all possible defenses. They have expertise in these areas. 

  •  Property Crimes 
  • Assault Charges 
  • Weapon Offences
  • Violence and Organized Crimes. 
  1. Daniel Brown Law

A leading criminal law firm that deals with representing individuals accused in serious matters. The lawyers from this firm are willing to work at any step of the court process. 

They also offer virtual court appearances to clients. They have a significant fee structure and payment methods and work in the following areas. 

  • Domestic Assault 
  • Impaired Driving Charges 
  • Drug Importing and Theft


With people accused of serious crimes, criminal lawyers work to represent them in court. They work towards reducing the charges and providing the accused with their rights. Some of the most sought-after firms such as GSP Law/ Gagan Pannu bring their experienced team of lawyers. 

They help defend the indicted for drug charges and others in an unbiased manner. We hope this article helps you figure out which law firm fits your criteria effectively.