The Teeling Distillery in Dublin, Ireland, is the source of the eponymous Teeling Whiskey brand. For several reasons, this brand stands out from the competition. While the company itself may be young, the brand has a long and illustrious history that deserves to be told. As a result, the booze within the bottles becomes more intriguing. Here are ten facts about Teelings Whiskey that you probably didn’t know, but could find interesting, for your amusement, education, and delight.

Teeling Whiskey Distillery is a Newer Version

Back in 2013, the Teeling Whiskey Company first served customers. The present incarnation of the firm has existed for less than twenty years. It’s not just the fact that it’s a brand-new company; there’s a lot more to this tale.

Teeling Whiskey is a Phoenix

All that is known about Teeling Whiskey may be gleaned from its logo. Symbolic of renewal and rebirth, this bird is often compared to the mythical phoenix. There has been a Teeling Whiskey distillery on this site since 1782. In that year, a first distillery was established nearby, not far from where it is now. Over 200 years of history have been resurrected in this firm.

Teeling Whiskey Made History

History was made in Dublin, Ireland, when the Teeling distillery established a new distillery close to the site of the enterprise from the 1700s. No new distilleries had been founded for quite some time. There haven’t been any new whiskey distilleries to start in the last 125 years, but Teeling is the first to do so. Because of this, the firm may claim a special position in the annals of Dublin whiskey making. It’s a revival of the old whiskey distillery that started making whiskey again in 1976, using the time-honored methods for making whiskey. You can buy this whiskey from thesinglemaltshop.

Stephen and Jack Teeling founded the company

Jack and Stephen Teeling started up the Teeling Whiskey Company. They’re sibs. The Cooley Whiskey Company was once owned by John Teeling. He left the whiskey industry after selling the company to Beam in 2011. According to Whisky Cast, just when he believed he was done with whiskey brewing, his sons Jack and John, together with other investors, felt it would be a good idea to build the Teeling Distillery and continue the legacy. Their whiskey-making operation will remain in the family.

Original Teeling Distilling Company is ancestral

Here’s a fun fact about Teeling Whiskey that not many people know. Family lore passed down through the generations served as the label’s inspiration. Original Teeling Distillery was established in 1782 by Walter Teeling. The logo of the corporation takes on new significance given its association with the revival of an enterprise founded by this ancestor.

As a logo, the phoenix represents renewal and rebirth. All three of the Teeling bros have the same last name as their progenitor. Reviving a long-lost family custom has brought a special charm to their lives. It has grown stronger over the years, passed down from their father to themselves.

It was the Subject of a Documentary

Teeling Distillery, often known as the Teeling Whiskey Company, made headlines throughout the globe when it opened its doors in Dublin, Ireland. Within a short distance of its original location, construction on the new site began. There were film crews there. The movie was called “Whiskey Business.” This miniseries, which was shown in 2015 and tells the tale of the Teeling family and their involvement in the whiskey business in Dublin, Ireland, was broken up into four parts and televised as a documentary.

They have a unique distilling process

While they have made some of their distillation techniques public, the Teeling Whiskey distillery has kept others under wraps. All products have an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 46%. They come in a wide range of designs and are all non-chill filtered. Each label the company creates is one-of-a-kind since it is made to exacting standards throughout production.

They produce Various variations of whiskey

Each of the eight whiskeys made by Teeling Whiskey Company may be easily distinguished from the others. Small Batch is finished in barrels that were formerly used to manufacture rum. Teeling Single Grain is aged in California Cabernet Sauvignon casks. Malted and un-malted barley were used in equal parts to create Teeling Single Pot Still mash. It spends nearly three years aging in Muscat barrels.