You will find that almost every house has some Vastu faults. It can also reveal the flaws of our horoscope, or you need to build a home according to the planetary position in our horoscope. Vastu Shastra and astrology are like two sides of a single coin, which means planning and constructing a house. Astrology chat helps you decide when and how a house or building gets built and what will affect your daily life.

According to Vastu Shastra, you must follow the rule over each of the eight prime directions. Hence you need to allocate the interior space according to the Vastu rules. Astrology helps assign planets to each region and lets you know how these spaces can be utilized.

Lal Kitab

According to Lal Kitab, Mars is the karaka planet for Vedic astrology, while Saturn assumes that role in the tradition of Lal Kitab. In the case of home ownership, it gives importance to the second house rather than the fourth house. If Saturn is favorable and strong in someone’s Kundli, the person can own and live in a good house with all benefits. While in another case, if Saturn is weak or malefic, then a person should not buy a house until later in life. Following are some positions of Saturn and its effect on constructing buildings:

  • If Saturn is in your Kundli’s 2nd house, then you should not stop the construction work in between.
  • If Saturn is in the 3rd house of your Kundli, you should keep a gap of three days after the completion; otherwise, you may face trouble in daily life.
  • If the position of Saturn is in the 4th house, then your mother-in-law, maternal uncle, mother, and grandmother may get into trouble.
  • If Saturn is in the 5th house of your Kundli, then your children may face some trouble after the completion of construction. If your children construct the house, then they will remain happy.
  • The position of Saturn is in the 6th house of your Kundli. Then there may be a problem in the house of daughter in law after the completion of construction work.
  • If Saturn is present in the 7th house of your Kundli, then you can construct several houses, and if it is unpromising, they get compelled to sell even their own house.
  • If Saturn is present in the 8th house of your Kundli, then it may cause some trouble in constructing houses.
  • If the position of Saturn is in the 9th house of your Kundli, then the construction of a house may result in some terrific trouble, like your father’s death.
  • If Saturn is present in the 11th house of your Kundli, then it may allow you to construct a home in old age.
  • If the presence of Saturn is in the 12th house of your Kundli, then the process of constructing a house is slow, but you will construct a house at a very young age.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is important as it provides guidelines for house construction. It deals with shape, layout, proportions, and aesthetics. If people construct a house, according to Vastu Shastra, it enhances their health, prosperity, and happiness for residents. You can even ask an astrologer to advise constructing a house without any trouble to residents.

Importance of Planets

All nine planets have a different part of a house and specific aspects of the resident’s life:

  • Sun:- Sun mainly focuses on the east, and Vastu Shastra allows you to place entrance here. You can also put a large window to let in maximum sunlight.
  • Moon:- Moon mainly focuses on the left side of the house and the health of your mother or daughter. If the left side is dark, it may cause health issues for your wife.
  • Mars and Venus:- Mars focuses on the Southern direction, and Venus rules the kitchen.
  • Mercury:- Mercury mainly focuses on the North and common spaces like the living room, visitors’ room, etc.
  • Jupiter:- Jupiter is known to rule the North East, and this area is best suited for pooja rooms.
  • Saturn:- Saturn used to govern the western direction. You can add a storage room, pantry, etc., over your house’s west side.
  • Rahu:- If you want to store unwanted goods, Southwest is the best direction as it favors Rahu.
  • Ketu:- Ketu works similarly to Jupiter, as it rules the northeast. If the staircase is near the main entrance, it is inauspicious.


Everyone needs to consider all the above points before constructing any house. If you don’t follow, it may cause health issues or trouble to the resident of that particular home. So be very careful while constructing a house and visit a good astrologer or some reputed online websites.