Facebook is an amazing platform which the users use all across the world and love this platform as well. The reason for the popularity of the platform is because of the amazing features Facebook provides to its users. 

One such amazing feature provided by the users is messenger which the users can use to text and talk to their friends on Facebook. But nowadays the users are facing issues with messenger like this person is unavailable on messenger but the users do not need to worry about the same as in this blog we are going to help with the same. 

In this blog of ours we are going to tell our users about how to fix this person is unavailable on messenger so that the users are able to use this information to fix the issues they have been dealing with. 

There are three possible reasons because of which the users might be encountering this person not available which are –

1. If the other person has blocked the users 

2. If the person has deactivated his or her Facebook account 

3. If the account of that person has been terminated by Facebook 

Here are the ways which the users can use to check which of these reasons is affecting them.

Checking if the other person has blocked you 

The first thing the users need to do is to check if the other person has blocked them or not. This can be checked by opening Facebook and then trying to search that person. If the users are able to find that person on Facebook this means that he or she has not blocked the users but if they are not able to find them, then they are surely blocked. 

Checking if Facebook has deactivated that person’s account 

When a person is unavailable on messenger it also means that his or her Facebook account might be deactivated by Facebook because of violation of rules. So, the users need to check this also so that they can get to know where the problem lies. For this the users can check their friends list from where they will immediately get to know if the account is active or not. 

Ensuring that the users haven’t blocked someone 

Sometimes the users might not be able to send messages to someone on messenger because the users have blocked that person. To check this, the users need to go through some steps which will lead them to unblock that person. 

The users need to open messenger and then they need to click on this person unavailable message which is there on the screen and then tap and hold it. 

Users will see various options on the screen among which one is block which means that the person is blocked. The users need to look for unblocked option and then press on it to unblock the person and send messages to him or her. 

If the users will follow the steps and ways provided for them above in the blog they will surely be benefitted by it.