You may be required to consult with a dermatologist regarding some skin issues. As a lady, you may be wondering what you should wear to ensure a proper and thorough examination of the affected skin issues. There are some key points to remember in order to get the most out of your next visit. A few of them will most likely surprise you.

Take off your Nail Polish

Pedicures are costly. As a result, removing nail polish before going to the dermatologist may not sound appealing! But nails tend to speak volumes, about your skin as well as other issues that might occur internally. There may develop skin cancer right under the cuticles or nails. Melanoma can also appear as a subtle colour streak on the nail. Such details are likely to be overlooked when using nail polish.

Avoid Wearing Facial Makeup

Generally, make-up is done to cover up things like brown spots, red spots, dark circles under eyes, pimples, etc. Acne, abnormal moles, pre-skin cancers, and skin cancers are all covered. In reality, it tends to cover your skin. The dermatologist will most likely examine this area of your body. Otherwise, proper treatment will be impossible to achieve. Carry make-up with you and reapply after the appointment if concealing unwanted skin issues is deemed necessary.

Leave your Hair Down

You should leave your hair down while mentally preparing to have it messed up during the check-up. The scalp region is included in the full body exam. Hence, the hair is likely to be tossed a bit during the evaluation. Hairspray stiffens the hair, making it difficult to see the scalp clearly.

As a result, you must maintain your hair in such a way that the dermatologist or assistant can properly inspect the scalp.

Avoid using Lotions on your Skin

If you have dry skin, lotions will be necessary. However, lotions applied to the affected area are likely to change the appearance of the lesion. As a result, diagnosing the problem becomes difficult. Dermatologists are experts in the fields of hair, nails, and skin. However, using lotions will not allow them to diagnose the problem and provide appropriate treatment. It is for your benefit that you should avoid using skin lotions.

Disrobing Completely

Many people are likely to be uneasy about this particular aspect. However, skin can be found everywhere. It includes your personal spaces. Although these areas may not be exposed to the sun, they are susceptible to melanoma skin cancer. This is why, if any private part area is affected, you should show it to the dermatologist right away. The best dermatologist in London is helpful, understanding, and professional.


When visiting a dermatology clinic, avoid wearing expensive or even inexpensive jewellery. This is especially true if you are having a full body check-up. A large necklace or a watch could conceal vital information about the infected location. The qualified doctor needs to view the affected areas properly so that the issue can be understood properly and provide appropriate treatment. This way, they will not miss out on any vital part during the evaluation and you are sure to enjoy the results.