Snapchat keeps on coming up with new interesting features that attract more users and its features like Snapchat filters, Snapchat streaks, gaining followers through scanning of Snapchat code, keeping an update on the snap score, etc, are a few of the most trending and used features of Snapchat along with using this platform for conversations with friends and relatives and also meet and talk new people and gain more Snapchat followers.

Like other social media platforms, Snapchat is also free to use, users have to get themselves registered and can log in anytime with their user ID and password.

What is a Snap Score?

From the great list of Snapchat exquisite features, the snap score is the most interesting feature as it is a calculated numerical score or rating of usage on the platform, that is displayed under the Bitmoji image and snap code on the Snapchat profile page.

Users can also check other people’s snap scores similarly on their profile and it cannot be hidden and users may get competitive with each other because of it.

But there are many questions in the user’s mind, related to snap score, some of those repeated questions are:

Know What Makes your Snap Score Go up: 

Users must consider in mind the Snapchat rules and regulations and here is the list of a few things that users can do to raise their snap score:

1: Users would gain points for every snaps shared between the user and their friends (Snaps would be the red feature received.) And users would receive one point per snap.

2: Users would also receive points per video exchanged between the user and friends, it may depend on the duration of the video such as for a 10-second video, users may get 1 point, while for a 60-second video, they may get 6 points, for sending or receiving the video.

3: The Reactions received to the user’s story can earn them one point.

4: Users must use the Camera feature, to send pictures and images, then send pics from the gallery. More Camera videos or images would be sent, it would gain more points.

5: The easiest way: how to raise your snap score is by making new friends and connections on this social media platform. For every new friend added to the user’s account, their snap score increases.

6: Man Vlogging can be a fun way to raise snap score points. Man Vlogging means when the user has friends with similar interests and goals, they can share videos of 10 sec or 60-sec videos, and they both would be eating points with this method.

7: Snapchat Streaks allows users to gain 2 points daily with each individual. Users can have regular streaks with many friends they want and only the top score streaks would help in gaining points.

Sum Up

What a hectic day! Hopefully, this guide has clarified how to get a high Snapchat score. So what are you waiting for? To grow your Snapchat account, open Snapchat and send snaps.

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