The posts you have hidden aren’t gone forever. (followers on facebook)Learn how to remove posts on Facebook using a browser on your desktop or mobile application.Facebook allows you to make the content on your profile easy to manage. With just a few clicks, you can block the posts you’ve made on your Timeline, from old content to embarrassing pictures of you and your here

Even if you’re a skilled social media administrator, it’s not easy to determine the way to find a secret Facebook post.

Don’t fret … You’re not alone… secret posts aren’t going to disappear forever. Although the steps required to reveal the secret post aren’t easy, the procedure is relatively easy.

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Why Unhide a Post on Facebook

As a Facebook member, you enjoy all control of the content you post on the Timeline on your own. You can choose to publish posts as private or public and hide or reveal content when you need to.

For instance, you could need to remove Facebook posts in the following scenarios.

You’ve never intended to delete the entire post or eliminate it from your computer permanently.

Maybe you had second thoughts regarding your Facebook post, but you didn’t want your effort wasted. In the end, you might want to suspend the post and make it available soon.

A family member or friend shared something funny embarrassing, insensitive or even controversial on your Timeline.

Perhaps your initial reaction was to delete the material from your view. However, you soon realized that you had acted too fast. After a few minutes to think it over, you might be willing to discuss your more

You’d like to keep your memories from being apparent

Perhaps you’d like to forget about a problematic date or not to draw focus to the occasion. As time passes, you may be less inclined to store the events away and be better prepared to mark them with an appearance on your calendar.

You weren’t trying to hide the post in the first place.

Perhaps you’d like to alter the caption, save the post as the collection, or turn off notifications. Or, perhaps, you have accidentally clicked the wrong menu button and deleted the post in error.

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How to Unhide a Post on Facebook Using a Desktop/Laptop

It takes seconds to reveal a hidden Facebook post using your browser. When you’re on a laptop or desktop computer, follow the steps below to unhide the hidden post.

1. Log into our Facebook account

Then, open the browser or create an additional tab and go to Facebook. Enter your email address, phone number, and password to sign into Facebook. The social media website.

2. Look up your activity log

Then, look for the private Activity Log.

Two ways are available to access this page:

  • Go to the top Facebook menu. It’s shaped as an equilateral triangle. It is located in the upper-right corner. Scroll down past Facebook Pages, Businesses Managers and Facebook Groups Ads Manager, and more menu options. You can access your Activity Log at the end of the list.
  • Click on the hyperlink to access your account in the upper menu bar, near the middle of the screen. Click to activate the Activity Log button in the lower right corner of your cover photo.

Click on the Activity Log button on your Facebook page.

3. Check your posts for hidden messages

When you access your Activity Log, The default view shows all your actions on Facebook, from shares to reactions and comments to shares.

To locate your hidden posts, look through your list of filter options on the left-hand part of this page. Select to open the Hidden From Timeline filter to view all posts you’ve hidden since opening your account.buying followers on facebook

The Facebook page on this site provides all content hidden in chronologically reverse order.

If you’d like to explore the hidden content, it’s easy to go across the whole feed, starting with the latest article. If you’re searching for specific posts, click the month or year to locate them faster.

4. Unhide the posts you want to hide

After you’ve located the post you wish to remove, You can click on the circle with an arc of diagonal lines that runs across it to the left of your post. If you click this symbol, you’ll get an option that allows you to let the content appear to be displayed on your Timeline, block it, or erase it.

If you have previously marked the blog post for spamming, you might be able to unmark the post.

After discovering all posts, you’d like to hide, go back to your profile on Facebook. While browsing your profile, you’ll see all the information you’ve disclosed and any reactions or comments made to those posts.

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